SuperLotto Plus Winning Numbers

California SuperLottoPlus Winning Numbers

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Draws Take Place at Wednesday and Saturday 7:45 PM Califorina Time

Chances to Win The SuperLotto-Plus California Lottery

  • Division1) Match 5 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 41,416,353
  • Division2) Match 5 Regular – Winning Odds 1 in 1,592,937
  • Division3) Match 4 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 197,221
  • Division4) Match 4 Regular – Winning Odds 1 in 7,585
  • Division5) Match 3 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 4,810
  • Division6) Match 3 Regular – Winning Odds 1 in 185
  • Division7) Match 2 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 361
  • Division8) Match 1 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 74
  • Division9) Match 0 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 49

Minimum Jackpot: $7,000,000 | Record Jackpot: $193,000,000

The state lottery in California started in 1984. It is among the most favorite globally, among lottery players. Its games are inclusive of Fantasy 5, Mega Millions, Super Lotto Plus, Scratcher, Daily Derby, Daily 3 and Hot Spot.

If you reside in California and are a lottery player, there are some vital facts you should be aware of, about choosing numbers. Below are some guidelines to assist you.

Selecting Winning Numbers

  • It is advisable to calculate numbers with the knowledge of the correct lottery pattern and lottery code as you play California state lottery. A math expert, who researched and verified that lottery patterns represent a main element that has an impact on lottery winnings, disclosed calculating winning numbers method.

His method assists the players to keep away from common mistakes, which a regular player makes while playing Super Lotto Plus. The lottery pattern offers you the style you can use to sum up the winning numbers.

  • Lottery programs and software exist which assess the previous outcomes. Using this assessment, the software produces numbers that have high prospects of appearing in the following draw.

Make sure that you monitor previous winning numbers of California Super LottoPlus game in order to raise your winning odds.

  • When playing California SuperLottoPlus lottery game, it is possible for you to make use of some wheeling systems and mathematical tools that study the earlier background and sieve the selection in order to obtain winning number combination. So, numbers whose chances of being drawn are slim are excluded.
  • Among the most ideal solutions for California SuperLotto Plus is lottery number generator. This system considers the sequence you select as well as number combination calculations.


Make an effort to study these methods for lottery winning. Some players have learnt these methods and used them. They have been able to win more than once!

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