Lottoland Review – Checking Out the Home of Double Jackpots

Lottoland Review by Online Lottery Magazine

Lottoland Review by Online Lottery Magazine

Lottoland Review

Is Lottoland worth a look or should you avoid it at all costs?


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Lottoland is a Gibraltar based gaming company that takes bets from players on the outcome of lottery games. Bets can be placed on a selection of worldwide lottery games by players globally. This in itself is nothing new but Lottoland does offer a few unique features that we are yet to see offered by any other retailer in the market. The question is, “are these features just worthless gimmicks or genuine selling points? “

Games offered

Lottoland currently takes bets on 5 of the world’s biggest jackpot lottery games. These are the UK lotto, Euro Millions, EuroJackpot, USA Powerball, USA Mega Millions and the Spanish Christmas draw, El Gordo.

Who can play?

Players from all over the world can register and place bets on the outcome of the lottery games offered by Lottoland. However, residents of Turkey, Spain and the USA are not permitted to register and place bets with Lottoland.

Special features

Lottoland offers a few unique features that we have not seen elsewhere in the lottery world. These have clearly been designed to firstly entice players to register and start playing and then continue playing on a regular basis. So what are these features?

Firstly, there is the money back guarantee for new players and this is how it works. This offer is for new players on their first purchase and applies to purchases of up to 5 play slips. Should any of the play slips on this initial purchase not win a cash prize, then the cost of each non-winning play slip will be refunded to the player’s online account where the money can then be used on additional lottery bets.

Secondly, there is the Double Jackpot feature which promises to double the jackpot you receive if you match all of your chosen lottery’s drawn numbers. By selecting this option you double the cost of your lottery bet but receive twice the lottery payout if you strike it lucky. Lottoland covers the eventuality of this double jackpot payout occurring by purchasing insurance on your behalf from Münchner Emirat AG.

Thirdly, there is Number Shield which is a special number protection insurance. How many times have you read about multiple jackpot winners in the same lottery draw? For example, there may be a £12,000,000 jackpot in the UK lotto but 3 ticket holders match all of the drawn numbers and therefore collect £4,000,000 each rather than the full £12,000,000. With Lottoland if you pay the £1 per ticket Number Shield insurance you can shield the jackpot and keep the full payout for yourself.

Who is Lottoland?

Lottoland is an online lottery betting service that has been taking bets from worldwide lotto players since 2012. Lottoland has its registered office at 23, Ocean Village Promenade, Ocean Village, Gibraltar (EU) and the company is regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner.

What about the security of players’ payment information?

Lottoland has a high level of website security to protect its members’ details. They make use of 256-bit SSL encryption to encrypt your data which is similar to that of international banking grade security.

Customer Service

Lottoland do not appear to offer a ‘live’ support feature which is fairly common among large online lottery retailers these days. What they do offer is 24/7 email support via an online website form. I tried this service and they answered my query within 45 minutes which I felt was more than acceptable.

What Do I Think of Lottoland?

Plus Points:

  • Fully licensed and regulated
  • Money Back Guarantee for first time ticket buyers
  • High level of site security

Negative Points:

  • Only 6 games to play
  • Double Jackpot and Number Shield features are pointless gimmicks
  • No ‘live’ customer support


Lottoland offers players a nice clean simple website which is easy to understand and has a reasonable Q and A section. Site security is also of a very high standard so players should be safe in the knowledge that their personal details are safe at all times. Although Lottoland only offers players 6 lottery games to place bets on, at least they are among the biggest jackpot games available anywhere. I think the Double Jackpot feature is a bit of a con when you consider how remote your odds of hitting any jackpot are in the first place. So instead of paying for this feature, use the money to place an additional ticket bet as doing this will cut your jackpot winning odds in half. I also think that paying for the Number Shield option is a little pointless as I am fairly sure that most players will not mind a great deal having to split a multi-million £/$/€ jackpot should one or two other players match their jackpot winning numbers.

I have spent some time scanning the web to find comments posted by users of Lottoland and generally speaking the messages are very positives.