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TheLotter Review

Online Lottery Sign Up

Online Lottery Sign Up

When TheLotter set out a goal to create the ultimate global lottery site in 2002, we imagined a world without boundaries where luck knows no limits and the biggest lottery jackpots are never out of reach.

To realize our vision of a lottery world without borders, operates in over 20 offices in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Florida, New York, California, and more to facilitate ticket purchase in over 40 top lottery games for customers around the globe.

Secure and convenient lottery ticket purchase online in TheLotter

TheLotter fulfilled lottery fans’ dream of accessing the biggest lottery prizes with the help of a network of  local offices staffed by the foremost lottery experts. With TheLotter’s convenient online service, EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto, US Powerball, Mega Millions, and dozens of other lotteries are just a click away from your personal computer, iPhone, or Android device, 24/7!

Purchasing a lottery ticket at TheLotter gives you access to the world’s top lotto games with the same rules, the same play options, and the same chances to win– with your online advantage! Enter your lucky numbers and our experienced local office managers purchase the ticket on your behalf, scan the ticket to your online account before the draw closes, securely store the ticket, and supervise the automatic win collection process from our head office.

Players can buy tickets and manage their accounts from virtually any online device including conventional desktop and laptop computers and any iOS or Android smartphone.

To play your favorite games at TheLotter, simply enter your lucky number selections online. Per your instructions, tickets are purchased for you by an experienced local office manager and scanned to your online account before the draw closes. The local office securely holds your ticket and supervises the automatic win collection process.

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