Philippines Lottery – All You Need To Know

Over the years, Philippines have undergone tremendous growth as far as the lottery is concerned. How do we know? It is obvious from the number of lottery games that have been introduced in the country in the last decade alone. One of these games that you can play in the country is the GrandLotto 6/55, which was introduced on April 19, 2010. Before this game was introduced, there had been another game called The Power Lotto, but this was effectively replaced when the GrandLotto 6/55 was launched. To put it simply, this game is like any other lottery game, which means that it is just a game of chance.

There is no single strategy that you can use for winning the GrandLotto 6/55. As the name indicates, there is a pool of 55 numbers from which players are required to select six numbers that are then entered in the draw. One of the greatest things about the GrandLotto 6/55 is that it offers lottery players the opportunity of winning a huge prize thrice a week. Yes, that’s right. The draws for the GrandLotto 6/55 are conducted three times in a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The minimum jackpot that you can win through this game is 30 million pesos and the cost of participating in this lottery is around 20 Philippine pesos.

Playing the Philippines GrandLotto 6/55

As mentioned above, the cost of playing a single GrandLotto 6/55 game is 20 pesos and the process of playing it is quite straightforward. You need to decide what numbers you want to play before you purchase your ticket. If you are unsure of what numbers you wish to select, you can always use computer generated numbers via the Lucky Pick system or you can also choose the numbers manually if you want. As stated before, you have to select six numbers between the range of 1 and 55. Once you have decided what numbers you want to play, you can go ahead with the procedure of paying for the ticket.

These days, you don’t have to go a lottery retailer to buy your ticket because you can do it online. You can easily buy your GrandLotto 6/55 tickets online without having to go out.

System Plays

One of the best parts about playing the Philippines GrandLotto 6/55 is that you don’t have to go down the standard route and just play six numbers. You also have the option of going for system plays. There are a wide array of system plays that you can find for this game and they are categorized according to type and cost. Let’s take a look:

  • The first system play costs you 100 pesos and is referred to as 5R or 5 roll.
  • The second system play that you can use is system 7, which boasts seven combinations and you will have to spend 140 pesos to opt for it.
  • System 8 is the name given to the third system play and this allows you to play 28 combinations. The cost you have to pay is 560 pesos.
  • The next option is system 9 and at a cost of 1,680 pesos, you will be able to play about 84 combinations.
  • There are additional system players, which are known as 10, 11, and 12 and they enable you to play 210, 462, 924 combinations respectively. As far as the cost of these system plays is concerned, you will have to spend 4,200, 9,240 and 18,480 pesos, exactly in that order.

If you are just starting out, it is a good idea to begin with the standard play option and then gradually move to the concept of system plays. However, if you want, you can jump onto the option of system plays immediately as well, but the losses will be considerable if you don’t win anything. Another perk that you can enjoy when you participate in the GrandLotto 6/55 is that you can subscribe for future draws. The lottery gives you the opportunity of playing up to a maximum of about 6 draws consecutively. But, if you have decided to go for this option, you need to specify it beforehand when you are buying your tickets.

Verifying Ticket Accuracy

It is essential that when you are participating in the GrandLotto 6/55, you confirm the accuracy of your ticket. Mistakes do tend to happen and they can cost a lot so it is best to check your ticket. When you receive the ticket, you should ensure that you have entered for the correct game, chosen the correct number of plays, the advance draws as well as their respective dates, the amount charged, the date ticket is generated and the numbers chosen. As long as these details are accurate, you can relax and then wait for the draw to find out if you have won or not.

Drawing of the Philippines GrandLotto 6/55

As stated before, there are three draws held in a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. In order to ensure the transparency and integrity of the draws, the drawing is broadcasted live on PTV4 when the process is launched from 9:00 p.m. onwards. It should also be noted that this game cannot be played by people who have not yet reached the legal age of 18. Once the drawing is concluded, you will immediately be notified if you have won a prize or not, if you are playing online. If you are playing manually, you will have to check the numbers to see if they match your ticket.

You can check on the official lottery website, visit the office or even the nearest authorized retailer.

The Odds of the Philippines GrandLotto 6/55

Can you win the GrandLotto 6/55? The first thing you need to do is know the odds of the game before you start playing it. The odds of taking home the jackpot in the Philippines GrandLotto 6/55 are around 1 in 28,989,675. You can find the largest number format in this game, which is 6/55. Therefore, this makes it the toughest Filipino game that you can try to win. It was mentioned before, but bears repeating; the jackpot for the game starts at 30 million Philippine pesos. In order to take home the jackpot, you are required to match six numbers.

Players should know that the GrandLotto 6/55 is a pari-mutuel game, which means that should there be more than a single winner for the jackpot, the prize will be divided amongst all of them equally. If there is no winner in a draw, the prize of the jackpot is rolled over to the next draw, which means that the prize can continue increasing until someone emerges as a winner. You can win the second prize if you succeed in matching five out of six numbers and this is about 200,000 pesos.

The third prize offered in the GrandLotto 6/55 is approximately 3,000 pesos and it is awarded to all players who succeed in matching 4 of the 6 numbers, regardless of the order. The last prize is a consolation prize and it is given to players who match three of the six numbers and is around 20 pesos.

Prize Breakdown of the Philippines GrandLotto 6/55

Once you have checked your ticket and verified that you have indeed won a prize in the GrandLotto 6/55, you need to make immediate arrangements for claiming your winnings. Depending on the size of your prize, there are different routes you can take for claiming it. If your prize is within the range of 5,000 pesos, it can easily be claimed from any PSCO (Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office) branch office or from an authorized lottery outlet.

If your prize is higher than 5,000 pesos and all the way to 20,000 pesos, you can claim it from any PSCO branch office near you or you can also visit the PSCO head office that’s located in Mandaluyong City. You have to visit the head office for claiming the jackpot.

Top Prizes Awarded by the Philippines GrandLotto 6/55

The GrandLotto 6/55 began in 2010 and awarded the biggest jackpot prize in PSCO’s history. The jackpot had continued to pile for a number of weeks and it was a lone player from Olongapo City, Zambales that won the hefty prize of 741,176,323.20 pesos on November 29, 2010. He was a 60-year-old Filipino male living in New York, who had bought the take one day before the draw at Royal Duty Free Mall in Subic, Olangapo. He claimed the prize in December. The jackpot prize had boosted ticket sales of the GrandLotto 6/55 and it had reached 266 million pesos on the last draw night alone.

The second biggest jackpot after 2010 was awarded in 2011 on June 1st. The life of a village security volunteer, hailing from Las Piñas changed overnight. He bought just a single ticket and chose the numbers from his wedding anniversary and his kids’ birthdays. The choice enabled him to won a solid prize of 356,552,912.20 pesos. In the draw conducted on February 23rd, the GrandLotto 6/55 jackpot was claimed by two players. The prize had reached 300,150,554.40 pesos and was won by 37-year-old factory worker in Tanay, Rizal and a 72-year-old retired individual from Southern Leyte. Each of them took home about 150.2 million pesos.

The GrandLotto 6/55 draw held on May 9, 2012, Wednesday had a jackpot of about 136,855,753.28 pesos and a lucky player hailing from Cabanatuan City took it home after spending 140 pesos on the tickets. In the same year, in the draw held on July 4th, 2012, Wednesday again, another jackpot worth 163,921,759.20 pesos was won by a player from Sorsogon. He was the fourth player to have won more than 100 million pesos in the jackpot for the GrandLotto 6/55.

On September 12, 2012, another massive jackpot of about 299,897,496 pesos was paid out to a 52-year-old driver hailing from Bataan and a 72-year-old individual from Southern Leyte. In April 2013, another 72-year-old retiree took home the GrandLotto 6/55 jackpot of about 134 million pesos. The winner, who belonged to Cainta, Rizal, had started betting from 1995 onwards. There was a lone lotto winner from Pangasinan in the July 2013 draw when he claimed a jackpot of 179 million pesos.

The same year, in November 2013, the jackpot of 148 million pesos was won by a lottery player from Binondo. 10 other players were able to match 5 digits correctly in the draw and they managed to win 200,000 pesos each. In January 2014, a 26-year-old sari-sari store owner hailing from Muntinlupa took home a substantial jackpot of about 154 million pesos. The man had spent 60 pesos on the ticket and played a combination of his family’s ages and birthdates. A lone player from Las Piñas won the jackpot on June 20th, 2015.

The draw had a 1 in 29.9 million chance of winning the massive prize of 274 million pesos and he managed to win it. A sole winner from Cebu won a jackpot prize worth 273 million pesos in the GrandLotto 6/55 draw held on August 1st, 2016. On September 26th, 2018, another prize of 53,449,633 pesos was paid out.

Suffice it to say, the jackpots offered in the GrandLotto 6/55 are considerable enough to change your life overnight. As compared to the price of the ticket, you get to take home a massive amount and this is one factor that appeals to lottery players who are interested in playing this game. However, you should bear in mind that the key to winning the jackpot or a secondary prize in the GrandLotto 6/55 is to choose the right numbers.

You can use a combination of dates that are special to you such as birthdays, anniversaries or you can use ages or addresses to choose six numbers. As indicated above, this strategy has worked for several winners of the GrandLotto 6/55 and this just might work for you. If you don’t want to use any significant numbers, you can opt for a random combination as well because the numbers are also drawn randomly.

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