How to Win

How to Win SuperLotto Plus

Super Lotto Plus involves a lottery game in California, which was started in 2002. The California lottery runs this game. Super Lotto Plus draws occur twice each week on Wednesday and Saturday.

Among the most ideal elements about Super Lotto Plus is that there are in overall, nine prizes tiers present to win. The jackpot’s worth is always at least $7 million.

Playing California Super Lotto Plus

Presently, so as to take part in this game, it is necessary for players to choose five numbers beginning from 1 to 7, in addition to a single MEGA number starting from 1 to 27.

To win a prize, you can begin by just matching only the Mega number. So as to win the jackpot you want, you need to match each of the drawn numbers. In case there is no winner for the jackpot, the prize money will just rollover to the draw that follows.

Playing Super Lotto Plus is similar to many other lotteries in the world;but tickets are just sold via retailers. In California State, there are about 19,000 retailers.

But, in case you reside outside California State, you can buy them online. Since the California State takes part in Mega Millions, it is possible for players to pool their tickets for these lottery games, by requesting for Californian combo. You can now purchase lottery tickets comfortably from your home, through a certified concierge service.

Winning Tips

The numbers which are commonly selected are anniversaries and birthdays, which restricts the highest number you have to 31. So as to improve your prospects, think of selecting numbers that go beyond that range.

Apart from raising your winning chances, this is a strategy that can assist to lower the odds of you needing to divide your jackpot with other people who have won.

Remember also to keep away from what is referred to as lucky numbers. These are numbers like 7, 13 and 22, which are played many more times compared to others.