Playing Canadian Lotto 649, History, Rules, Prizes and More

Canadian players have multiple lottery options that are managed by provincial lottery corporations and supervised by the Ministry of Finance in every province. From these lotteries, two of them are national lotteries; this is the Lotto Max and the Lotto 649.

Lotto 649 is mainly regarded as a lottery option that is more famous. Players are able to select their individual numbers. This offers players a feeling of being in control of their fortunes. Each payout for 649 guarantees a prize of $1 million and the jackpot prize.

History of Canada Lotto 649

Inter-provincial Lottery Corporation (ILC) set up Canada Lotto 649 in 1982. At first, the lotto took place just on Saturdays; however, in 1985, ILC started to hold this lottery game two times each week. In 2004, the cost of lottery tickets rose, as well as the beginning jackpot.

This increased the starting sum of the huge initial prize to CAD$3 million, from CAD$ 2 million. In September 2013, this then increased once more to CAN$5 million! From the time the lotto was formed, 300 and more winners have emerged, for more than CAD$1 million.

Canada Lotto 649 was the initial Canadian lottery to provide players with the option of choosing their individual figures, rather than obtaining pre-printed digits or raffle tickets.

How Canadian Lotto 649 is played

The cost of every ticket is $3. It is possible for you to buy your ticket at any retailer who is registered or go to website and purchase the Lotto 649 ticket online.

After you buy, you obtain a card that has a single set of figures from 1-49 for Main Jackpot Draws. This begins at $5 million and increases until there is a winner and a second set of digits of ten numbers for the Guaranteed Prize Draw of $1 million.

An Advanced Play option is present, where you are able to play even 26 weeks continuously. For every draw, selling tickets closes at 10:30p.m. The draws take place each Wednesday and Saturday night at 11:00 p.m.

For Lotto 649, two play options are available for you:

  • Pick Your Own Number
  • Quick Pick

Quick Pick Option

In case you wish to play through the Quick Pick option:

  • Request your retailer to provide you with a Quick Pick ticket.
  • Look for the Quick Pick box on the selection slip of Lotto 649.
  • Show that you want to buy a Quick Pick ticket when you buy your ticket online.
  • To play multiple draws in advance (up to 26 draws limit) point out how many draws you want to take part in; either through your lottery trader or online.
  • In case your allocated digits match the six figures from 1-49 and one bonus digit as selected in the twice a week draw, you become a winner.
  • If your digit precisely matches the 10-number guaranteed prize draw digit, you become a winner of the guaranteed prize of 1 million.

Select Your Individual Number

  • To select your individual number, choose your Selection slip for 649 online or at a retailer in the locality. Select six figures from 1-49 on up to 10 boards.
  • The cost of every selection is $3. You can check these two options also and play similar digits for Lotto 649 and lotto 49 that is the local provincial.
  • So as to play multiple draws in advance, check how many draws you wish to play in Advanced Play box. You have the choice of playing even 26 weeks beforehand.
  • Six digits as well as the bonus digit shall be drawn for the National Draw of Lotto 649. In case your digits match, you become a winner.
  • The guaranteed prize draw has a 10-digit number.
  • In case the number you have chosen is an exact match with the guaranteed prize draw figure of 10-digit you become a winner.


Prizes for Lotto 649 begin at $2 and increase each week until there is a winner. Each draw guarantees that a person shall become winner of a $1 prize.

Super Draws

Super Draws take place every three months and present a $1 million prize for each draw. Any person who bought a play for LOTTO 649 for the draw before the date of the Super Draw instantly gets an opportunity to become winner of the Super Draw Jackpot and any of the five Super Draw prizes of $1 million that are guaranteed.

Taking part in the Super Draw does not involve any additional costs. If you buy a ticket for Lotto 649 for the draw that happens just before the Super Draw, you are automatically included in the Super Draw, without any extra ticket purchase.

Similar to the standard draws of Lotto 649, the winning odds of a Super Draw Prize are established by the overall number of tickets bought all through Canada.

As in the regular Lotto 649 draws, the total number of tickets purchased determines the odds of winning a Super Draw Prize across Canada.

Rules for Canada Lotto 649

To play, choose 6 digits from a 1-49 guess range. At the period for drawing, a bonus digit is selected from similar drum and is included in just secondary prizes.

The lotto promises to present one millionaire with each draw; this means two millionaires are present every week. Players obtain an exceptional 10-digit number for each line they purchase just for the prize of CAD$ 1 million.

Becoming Winner of Canada Lotto 649

Canada Lotto 649 went through some enhancements in September 2013. Because of this, winning odds begin at 1:6.6 for any seven-prize categories of the lottery. Players should appropriately guess the 6 digits drawn from a 1-49 range so as to become a jackpot winner.

A bonus ball is also available, which is included in just secondary prizes. Lotto 649 consists of a fixed beginning jackpot of CAD$ 5 million. No taxes are imposed. The lottery is on record as having the hugest Canadian jackpot ever, of CAD$ 64 million. This was won on 17 October 2015, on one ticket.

Players who like Canada Lotto 649 can also attempt their luck at other lotteries in North America that have huge jackpots, such as USA Mega Millions or USA Powerball.

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