USA Lotteries Online

US Powerball

To play Powerball online, one should choose five main numbers, ranging between 1-69 as well as one extra Power Ball number from a range of 1-26. Winning numbers for US Powerball are chosen every Wednesday and Saturday. You may be turned in to a multi-millionaire through your official lottery ticket for Powerball.

When you use online lottery services to purchase lottery tickets online, a scanned copy will be available to you in your personal online lottery account prior to each draw. Use manual selection or quick pick to choose your numbers for the upcoming Powerball draw or even the lucky numbers you have saved!

US Mega Millions

Drawings for winning numbers for Mega Millions are carried out on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can purchase lottery tickets for Mega Millions online by choosing five key numbers, starting from 1-75 then for each line, one Mega Ball, ranging from 1-15. Make a manual selection of your Mega Millions number using quick pick or from the numbers you have saved, so as to purchase your official lottery ticket for Mega Millions.

When you match 5+1, you can turn into a lottery multi-millionaire in America and become the winner of a second place prize of $1,000,00 for each of the five key numbers!

New York – Cash4Life

New York Cash4Life utilizes two matrix of 5/60 and 1 / 4. This signifies that when you are playing, you initially require selecting 5 key numbers from a range that is drawn from 1-60 then select 1 green Cash ball from a 1-4 range.

In case you appropriately choose each of the 5 key winning lottery numbers as well as the Cash Ball, you become a jackpot winner of Cash 4 Life. The difference between Cash4Life jackpots is that unlike the other lottery games, there is no rollover in case there is no winner; the amount is fixed.

You can make use of Quick Pick option, present at all online agents or retailers, to automatically choose your numbers. So, the computer of the agent or retailer will automatically select your numbers by utilizing lottery number picker.