Responsible Playing

Playing lotto responsibly happens in a controlled environment where there is minimal danger that is linked to gambling. Individuals make intelligent decisions regarding their taking part in gambling. When playing lottery, you should have fun.

However, it is good to observe the points below to avoid unnecessary losses.

Playing Lotto Responsibly

When you play lotto, remember that this is for your enjoyment.

You are not doing it as an investment for your money.

Prior to beginning to play, fix stringent limits on the quantity of cash and time you will spend as you play.

For playing, just use money that you will not miss in case you incur losses.

In case you suffer a loss, avoid spending extra cash on playing, with the hope that you will win the cash you have lost back.

Retain the other hobbies and interests you have; you should not let playing dominate your life.

Avoid playing to get relief from boredom or stress.

It is all right to play moderately.

The key is to play responsibly!

Keep in mind that you are the one in control.

It is possible for you to take a breather from playing all those games based on drawings as well as instant win games by putting your play on hold for 30 days.

Changes are effected instantly and access shall be restored after a month.

If you think a 30-day breather from play is insufficient, you can carry out the suspension again.

Assess Your Play

When you assess your account, it will be simple for you to see the number of draw-based games as well as instant win games that you have engaged in playing.

It is also possible to see the amount you have used up and the amount that you have won.

Playing the lottery is meant to be enjoyable; however, when some guidelines are not observed, it can cause problems such as great loss of cash.