How to Play Online

Purchasing Tickets for SuperLotto Plus Online

It is fast and enjoyable to play California SuperLotto Plus online. When playing online, one needs to follow 4 key procedures.

1. Select the Lottery: As majority of the websites provide varied kinds of lotteries from throughout the globe, it is possible for you to select the option for playing California SuperLottoPlus online.

2. An official lottery ticket will be purchased by the website for you.

3. When the ticket has been bought, it will be scanned by the website and sent to you via email, on an online account which is safe.

4. The website mails the ticket to you and also transmits notice emails directly to your inbox, for instance winning notices.

Rules and Regulations for California SuperLotto Plus

1. California SuperLotto Plus gives five players a chance to each win a $15,000 prize and an opportunity to also be a winner on 2nd Chance drawing.

2. California SuperLotto Plus players can provide codes even 500 times in one month.

3. Chances of being a winner of in California SuperLotto plus lottery are determined by the quantity of entries provided by a player. Just one winning prize will be guaranteed by a draw. So, it is not possible for players to win various prizes in one draw.

4. Players need to be 18 years old or above prior to them taking part in California SuperLotto Plus lottery. Players who want to take part in 2nd Chance drawings need to enroll on the website of the lottery.

5. Winners will be chosen by California SuperLotto Plus lottery randomly, every week, depending on the eligible entries. Winners’ names shall be posted on the website of the lottery. To claim winnings, it will be necessary for the winner to provide a Claim Form, according to the steps laid out in the rules and regulations of the lottery.