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The Spanish Christmas Lottery or simply Lotería de Navidad, which is better recognized is El Gordo, is a national lottery. This national fiesta is considered to be an important part of Christmas festivities in the country and more than 90% of the population takes part in it, which doesn’t just make it the biggest lottery, but also the most loved. This lottery has a rich history and the money raised through the lottery is spent on worthy causes or for funding the poor. The prize pool of the Spanish Christmas lottery is over 2 billion users, which explains why so many people participate in it. This special annual lottery is run and operated by the national Loterias y Apuestas del Estado.

The lottery typically takes place on December 22nd and is a huge television event. There are several traditions associated with the Spanish Christmas lottery, which include children of the San Ildefonso school (this is a school of orphans and winners dedicate some amount of the prize to the school) drawing the numbers and singing them aloud along with the prizes. The event goes on for nearly 3 hours or more because there are hundreds of prizes to be given out.

Knowing the Spanish Lottery Rules

As far as the rules of the Spanish lottery are concerned, anyone can take part in the games and you don’t have to be a resident of Spain in order to do so. Furthermore, there are no taxes applicable on your winnings unless you decide to take the money out of the state. In this case, there will be some assessment conducted before you are allowed to take your winnings across the border. The odds of winning the Spanish Christmas lottery are 1 in 100,000 due to which a large number of people participate in it.

Guide for Playing the Spanish Lottery

  • The Spanish lottery follows the same basic principle; ticket holders have to match the five numbers on their ticket with the numbers drawn. The distinction here is that people don’t get to choose their numbers. Instead, the numbers are already printed and you just have to decide what ticket to get.
  • However, you should bear in mind that there is only a limited number of lottery tickets on sale and once they are sold out, they will not be available again. The number of sets printed is different for each year.
  • The lottery coupon of the Spanish Christmas lottery is called Billete, which is worth a whopping 200 euros. This is divided into 10 parts called ‘Fraccion’ or ‘Decimos’. You have the option of buying the whole coupon or buying a few parts, with each about 20 euros.
  • The five-digits numbers printed on the coupon are between 00000 and 99999. Each set is printed multiple times in varying series, but not more than 165 times. But, this means that there will be at least 165 winners, thus the reason for a massive prize pool.

How Can I win the Spanish Lottery?

Since the lottery numbers are pre-printed and you cannot select them, this means that the traditional tricks used in other lotteries are not applicable on the Spanish Christmas lottery. This doesn’t mean that you cannot improve your odds of winning. While some people purchase a whole Billete, there are others who choose to buy Decimos of different Billetes. This is an excellent way of increasing your chances of winning a prize, but it should be remembered that the winning size may be compromised.

If you hold just one winning Decimo, it means you will only get 10% of the total prize rather than the full 100% you could have received if you had bought the entire Billete.

Spanish Lottery Payouts

The top prize of the Spanish Christmas lottery is about 4,000,000 Euros, which is split between all those players who have tickets with the five winning numbers on them. The odds of this happening are higher than that of winning the Euromillions jackpot.

Second Tier Prizes

The odds of winning any prize in the Spanish Christmas Lottery are 1:7. The second tier prizes comprise of 1250,000 euros as the second prize, 500,000 euros as the third, 400,000 euros as the fourth and 480,000 as the fifth prize. Other than that, 1794 prizes worth 1,000 euros each are also available if all tickets are sold.

History of the Spanish Christmas Lottery

The first ever draw of the Lotería de Navidad was held in 1763 in Madrid. The idea was suggested by a minister who had seen the lottery draw in Italy. The revenue generated from the lottery were to be used for helping Spain in its war against Portugal and also for dealing with the unrest in some of the New World colonies of the nation. The idea was used 48 years later when Napoleon was advancing on Spain in 1811 so revenue could be generated for the war effort. The first official draw was conducted in 1812 due to which the Spanish Christmas lottery is called the second oldest running lottery in the world. In terms of payout, it is the biggest lottery in the world.

Buy Spanish Lottery Tickets Online

You can choose to play the Spanish Christmas lottery online through various websites and platforms, even if you are not a resident of Spain. Some lottery concierge services are willing to buy tickets on others’ behalf and handle claims and payouts in case of a win. This is highly convenient as emails are sent when the draw is made and participants don’t have to sit through the entire thing.

Online Spanish Lottery Syndicate

One of the greatest ways of boosting your chances of winning the Spanish lottery [] is by joining an online syndicates. This is a group of people pooling in money to buy more and more tickets. This means you can buy more Billetes with the syndicate money, which can definitely improve your chances of winning. Lots of websites and online lottery retailers have established syndicates that you can join for playing the Spanish Christmas lottery.