IceLotto Review

If you want a website for the online lottery but you are not especially attracted by the extra perks that a lot of services offered by the sector are eager to offer, you should give IceLotto a try.

They provide an approach that is much simpler, compared to others. The reason is that they get rid of the adornments and instead, concentrate on delivering a lottery experience that is uncomplicated and streamlined but still thrilling.

Lotto enthusiasts all over can take part in some of the famous lotteries in the globe, and at the same time, other features improve the general experience such as giving you your account manager and huge subscription discounts.

Therefore, if you want practicality and simplicity, read below get details about IceLotto today.


Famous Lottery Games

Similar to many online lottery websites, this website enables players from every part of the world to take part in many famous lotteries from diverse states and win. They provide games such as MegaMillions, US Powerball, EuroMillions and many more.

Personal Account Manager

A significant step taken by IceLotto is they assign each player with a Personal VIP Account Manager. This stage is a vital one. Account Managers assist players in getting updates on the newest outcomes, special alerts for jackpots and their winnings and much more.

Each subscription has Discounts

IceLotto gives players significant discounts for using their lotto games’ subscription options. Already, lottery subscriptions offer players convenience as they usually stop subscribers from being left out of any draw. Therefore, this adds discounts making them much more valuable.

A user-friendly Site

As said earlier, IceLotto presents a simple website for the online lottery. It does not just apply to their website’s design but the offerings they have. It does not mean that what their offering is sub-standard compared to other services for online lottery or that they do not merit any person’s time.

Mainly, being simple is beneficial to them since it enables players to focus on lottery playing, rather than on outward publicity stunts which do not do much to improve the general experience.

VIP Program

IceLotto gives you a straightforward and unexaggerated experience. But, the present features all function well to offer players a very focused and fun experience with the online lottery. One of the top ones is the Personal VIP Account Managers they have who are assigned by the company to all VIP members. It applies to each person who has registered then bought a ticket from Icelotto.

Personal Account Managers (VIP) makes sure that every player gets updates on the newest outcomes, whether they have won a prize or whether any particular jackpot alerts are present. A nice feature is that they shall also customize some lottery packages which can raise your winning chances.

Apart from this, when you are a member of VIP, you are eligible for discounts, and this will improve as you play more. For instance, when you attain the status of Bronze Level, you can get 3% discounts when you make your purchases. With Silver Level, you can obtain a 3% money refund in bonus cash, and 5% discounts when you make purchases, etc.

When you make a subscription to their lottos, you can obtain more discounts. Therefore, subscribing does not just keep you from being left out of any draw but enables you to make more savings.

Games and additional features

In the meantime, other features are inclusive of an option for multi-language and QuickPick that instantly selects your digits on your behalf, being able to take part in purchases as a group. Here, players divide a pool and raise their winning chances and can play in eleven of the most famous lotteries in the world.

Examples of the games they have are EuroMillions, Powerball, Lotto 649, Euro Jackpot, Bono Loto, El Gordo, La Primitiva, SuperEnaLotto, New York Lotto and UK National Lotto.

To take part in the games mentioned, it is not necessary for you to be a resident of the country that these lotteries originate from; it is possible for you to play from almost any of your location in the globe. Apparently, this is determined by whether you have attained the permitted age and there is no prohibition on online gambling in your country of residence.

Safe Withdrawal and Payment

At the time of this publication, IceLotto offers five different methods for you to withdraw or deposit money. These are inclusive of credit cards like Ideal, Skrill, bank transfer or MasterCard and Visa.

This range is less compared to what other online lottery firms offer players. But, the benefit is that each of the transactions carried out through IceLotto has the guarantee of being safe because they use a security procedure of SSL.

Also, IceLotto has Norton, McAffee, TrustPilot, etc. supporting them for a safe environment for the online lottery!

Client Support

In case you are going through any problems or concerns which need solutions, you can get in touch with the customer service at IceLotto easily through fax, email or phone.

You can reach them each Sunday-Friday between 10 am – 7 pm. GMT. Also, they offer an abundant FAQ section which is very efficient at giving details of almost each of their services’ vital elements.

Lastly, they also offer essential data on each of the lotteries they have. Therefore, if you are a newcomer, you can catch up quickly and easily.

Recent Winners through IceLotto

A little ticker on the home page of IceLotto indicates its latest winners, which is known as ‘Latest Winners.’ The ticker gives a list of the initials or name of the player, the quantity they won as well as the lottery that they played.

Eligibility for Playing

Only players who are 18 years of age and more can join lotteries for IceLotto. It is advisable for all players to check their local regulations regarding online lotteries and gambling before registering on the website and utilizing the ticketing service.


Where offerings and features are concerned, IceLotto might not be a very sophisticated online lottery website. But, it cannot be denied that this site ranks top because:

  • It provides some popular lotteries in the world.
  • It assigns a Personal Account Manager for all VIP members for more convenience.
  • IceLotto offers hefty discounts through their subscription options and loyalty program.

So, if you desire a lottery experience that is straight-forward, IceLotto is where to go.