SuperLotto Plus Rules


Each 2nd Chance Player who is registered, who buys$1 or more in one transaction for SuperLotto plus will obtain a code that caters for a single entry into the drawing, for each $1 which is spent. Codes can be submitted at SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance.

Players should login to their current 2nd Chance account or set up an account at CA Lottery so as to provide a code. People taking part in the drawings should not enter codes exceeding 500 for each 2nd Chance drawings each month, according to Lottery’s Submission Limitation policy.


Drawings for SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance occur each week so as to comply with Lottery Regulations as well as procedures. There will be a selection of five different winners for each drawing, in case a chosen entry is invalid or unreadable.

Entries qualify for just a single drawing of SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance. A code for SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance is effective for 180 days after being bought.


Details of entry deadlines shall be displayed on Lottery website, Entry deadlines can be altered by the Lottery. Winners will be chosen randomly by the Lottery from qualified Internet entries obtained for every Drawing of SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance each week.

Names of winners of SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance from every drawing shall be displayed on Lottery website. By making use of the contact data that the player submitted to the lottery when registering, every winner will be informed by the Lottery through email to key in to their account to obtain vital information.

At registration, players should submit their real, complete, legal name for 2nd Chance program so as to qualify for prizes. When the name is changed, maybe because of marriage or something else, this should be indicated on the registration page of the lottery before the drawing so as to qualify for any prize.


Participants should be aged 18 or more. They should also adhere to eligibility requirements during the period of program drawing. To join drawings for SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance, people taking part need to submit a legal California address and provide submissions from an area within California to qualify for drawings of SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance.