SuperLotto Plus Scams

There are 3 types of SuperLotto Plus scams out there that you should be aware of and stay away from so not to be victim to a scam.

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Lottery Winner Email Scams

If you receive an email from someone who claims that you won the lottery, without ever even signing up anywhere or without even buying any tickets, then it is certainly a scam. If you did not sign up for the SuperLotto Plus lottery and/or did not purchase any tickets then there is no way that you could have won.

These types of scams will ask you for money in order to send you your winnings with the excuse of needing the money for payment / bank transfer fees, in this type of scam the scammer gets the “transfer fee” payment from the victim, then disappears.

Online Lottery Cold Call Scams

If you receive a phone call from someone who tries to convince you to buy lottery tickets over the phone and you don’t remember ever signing up anywhere for playing the lottery then this is called a cold call. Buying any tickets over the phone from a cold call should be avoided as it might be an attempt to scam you.

Online Lottery Scam Websites

Today there are some online lottery websites that claim to be messenger services but are actually scams that take your deposit and don’t buy you any tickets at all, you can easily avoid these types of websites by reading our reviews page, where we recommend safe and trustworthy online lottery websites that are legit and sell official tickets online.