SuperLotto Plus Winners

California SuperLotto Plus Famous Winners

Thuan Le

When Thuan Le examined the SuperLotto Plus ticket in her possession in Mission Viejo at the self-service machine at CVS store, this time what occurred varied from the other times she had checked.

Le and her fellow colleagues did not want to become too thrilled and cautiously approached Jonathan Ziebell, the pharmacy’s shift supervisor.

This pharmacy was located on Santa Margarita Parkway.

He informed Le that she had the winning ticket.

There was a lot of jubilant screaming.

Le’s colleagues celebrated happily by clapping.

When Le went to claim her prize, she was overwhelmed with emotion and almost collapsed, according to Ziebell.

The other day, Le claimed her ticket, whose value was $14 million.

She made her claim at Santa Ana District Office of California Lottery.

This was revealed by a news release for lottery.

Le informed lottery officials that it was common practice for her and a buddy to purchase their tickets each week at similar store.

The previous week, the mother of four who was single, went to CVS on her own.

She deposited her cash inside the self-service terminal then purchased her standard tickets; one SuperLotto and two Powerball.

Neither represented the winning ticket.

She obtained the winning ticket by unintentionally depositing $6 inside the machine.

She informed lottery officials that normally, she deposited $5; however, she discovered she had a credit of $5.

She resolved to obtain an additional SuperLotto ticket.

The one she obtained as an extra turned out to be the winner!

Le asked for her sons’ assistance to fill out the essential paperwork, so as to claim the ticket.

Her sons informed lottery officials that they did not take her seriously at first, but soon discovered that she was serious.

Le intends to purchase a house, take a tour and go to Vietnam to see her parents.

CVS will be offered $70,000, which comprises 50% of this jackpot, because they sold the winning ticket.