Play Mega Sena Online

Mega Sena is the national lottery in Brazil, and is the largest and richest lottery in South America.  Launched in 1961, the Mega Sena has established itself as the indispensable lottery of the continent, and is run by the Caixa Econômica Federal bank.

The lottery pays a significant percentage of ticket sales to the State for national development, and for education and various social programs.The Mega Sena lottery offers a unique game model, combining two simultaneous drawings in two different groups.

It only guarantees 3 levels of winnings, which ensures much higher prizes for those who win. The biggest jackpot was in 1999, which was 64.9 million real.

How to play the Brazilian lottery Mega Sena ?

Players must choose 6 numbers in a grid between 1 and 60 numbers. If your 6 numbers match, you’ll be the lucky winner of the jackpot.The drawings for Mega Sena are held in Brazil by the Caixa Econômica Federal bank; six numbers are drawn.

There are only three winning prizes; the winning amount varies depending on the combination of numbers and the Bonus Ball number that you choose.

In which country is the Mega Sena   lottery held ?


In 1999, 64,900,000 reals ($ 35 million) was distributed to a single player.There were also prizes of 56 million reals in 2005 and 53.01 million reals in 2008.

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