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The Euromillions Lottery

Euromillions unites lottery players in Europe through a twice-weekly, plenty of cash lotto bonanza. It features the leading jackpots ever found outside the US and many other prominent prizes valued at hundreds and millions of thousands of euros. Live EuroMillions draws take place two times each week at night (Tuesday and Wednesday). From the inception of EuroMillions in February 2004, an outstanding fifteen jackpots of more than € 100 million have been paid out. The maximum jackpot for EuroMillions worth €  190.000.000 has been won two times so far. The first time, a British couple emerged winners in 2012. An unidentified Japanese winner won the second jackpot in 2014. These remarkable prizes are the biggest that European Lotto ever experienced, and no other lottery appears like it will measure up soon. No lotto game in the world can match the big winning combination of major prizes and beatable odds of EuroMillions.

Knowing the EuroMillions Rules

You are advised to find out the EuroMillions rules before you play.

General Rules

  • Players should choose five principal digits between 1-50 plus two extra Lucy Star digits between 1-12.
  • Ticket sales close at 20:30CET (19:30 GMT) on the day of the particular draw.
  • Each player should be 18 years or more, except players in the UK who should be 16 years or more.
  • By just playing EuroMillions, players take part in the extra games; European Millionaire Maker and UK Millionaire Maker.

Claiming prizes for EuroMillions

It is only possible to claim prizes in the state where you first bought the winning ticket.

The procedure for claiming EuroMillions prizes is different in every nation      that takes part.

Playing online

If you wish to play EuroMillions online you just require setting up an online account:

  1. Fill out the online playslip for EuroMillions with the figures you want to play and the number of draws you wish participate.
  2. You can opt to play between 3-5 lines for each transaction by utilizing your digits or by using the ‘Quick Pick’ tool for numbers that are generated at random.
  3. Choose the number of draws you wish to join. You can get discounts if you enter multiple draws.
  4. One can buy tickets up to to 52 draws beforehand. But, kindly be informed that you cannot choose one draw several weeks previously without paying for the previous draws.
  5. Press Play
  6. Input your details to complete registration and submit payment for your tickets.

Guide for playing the EuroMillions Lottery

  • Select your five central digits from a pool of 1-50. Pick your two Lucky Stars, whose drawing is carried out from a different ball pool in the range of 1-12.
  • As they are drawn from another set of digits, it is possible for a digit to come up on the winning line as a first digit and as a Lucky Star.
  • If you have no wish of choosing your digits, you can buy a Lucky Dip, which produces an entry for you automatically.
  • You should match each of the five main digits and two Lucky stars, which have been drawn, to win the jackpot.
  • Euromillions draws are held each Tuesday and Friday evening, and EuroMillions winners just have a specific period to claim their prizes. Therefore, after each draw check the EuroMillions results.

How can I win the EuroMillions Lottery?

One way of winning the EuroMillions is combining Odd and even numbers. When you check groups of winning digits, you will notice that all odd figures or all even digits just win only 3% of the time. Therefore, to increase your winning chances, combine your numbers with 3/2 or 2/3 odd and even. These patterns have repeatedly appeared in around 68% of drawings for EuroMillions Lottery.

Winning numbers that have not won for six or fewer games become winning numbers around 50% of the time. Losing digits that have not won in twelve or fewer games constitute around 75% of all winning figures. It turns these losers into hot numbers whose winning chances are more.

EuroMillions Payouts

Euromillions offers bigger payouts compared to any other European standard national lottery. As the game is played in numerous states, there are more ticket sales and more players. It makes the prize pool larger, and jackpots are hit more often.

EuroMillions payouts are split into 13 levels, and the lowest prize is won when two numbers are matched. The odds of you winning a prize are 1 in 23 and this gives you a good chance to at least win back the cost of your EuroMillions ticket.

Another good factor is that any winnings you obtain from EuroMillions are entirely tax-free. Therefore, unlike many other US lotteries, you retain all your winnings.

Second Tier Prizes

Prizes for EuroMillions are split into 13 varied levels that reward winners with even two matching digits. The advantage of having prizes in each varied level is that it maintains the interest of all the people involved.

Where EuroMillions prizes are concerned, the focus is mainly on the jackpot. This is understandable, as it begins at €15,000,000 (£12,000,000).

On 4th February 2014, a draw was held which indicated that significant prizes could be won without each of the five numbers being matched and one Lucky Number.

It made people consider the most significant EuroMillions wins (non-jackpot). A lot of multi-million wins have been experienced in the second prize tier for EuroMillions.

History of the EuroMillions and other information

EuroMillions began as an idea by Francaise des Jeux (France’s Lotto operator) executives in 1994. Their concept was founded on the US multi-state lotteries and involved numerous European lotteries, and all of them sold tickets for a single pan-European lottery draw.

However, it was not until almost one decade afterward that the draw became a reality because of disputes, discussions, disagreements, and negotiations between the first operators about how to run everything.

Oddly, for a game entirely based on luck, the organizers of EuroMillions chose to hold their first draw on 13 February 2004. This day was referred to as ‘unlucky Friday.’

At first, the draw was only accessible to players in the UK, Spain, and France. Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Ireland, Switzerland, and Portugal joined Euromillions in the same year in October.

In its initial year, EuroMillions was a huge success, and massive jackpots were claimed consecutively. Although some large jackpots were won in the initial year, it was only in July that the jackpot for EuroMillions went up to €100,000,000 (£68,000,000). The draw on 29th July had a rollover jackpot of €115, 436,126 (£79,881,799). One Irish ticket holder won it.

Buying EuroMillions Tickets Online

You can buy your lottery tickets for EuroMillions online by choosing five principal digits (1-50) and two Lucky Stars (1-12). The local offices of Lottosend in Spain will buy a EuroMillions official ticket on your behalf. It is going to be scanned into your account before the draw.

You can buy regular tickets or choose a systematic form that will offer each combination of the numbers you wish, giving you more methods of winning! The EuroMillions draw is held in Paris at 21:00 CET each Tuesday and Friday. You can purchase official lottery tickets for EuroMillions online even 20 minutes before that night’s draw.

Online lottery enables you to select from a variety of official lotteries, in spite of where you reside. This site purchases an official lottery ticket for you from one of their 20+ local offices. You can view a scan of your ticket in your online account with is entirely secure, before the draw. You will obtain automatic SMS and email informing you of winnings, and you will win prizes that are commission-free!

Online EuroMillions Syndicate

When you join a syndicate to play EuroMillions, this improves your prospects of winning a prize. The reason is that you have more purchasing power since you have a share of a bigger number of tickets, compared to if you had played alone. Prizes that are won are split between the syndicate members.

You can use online lottery to play EuroMillions. They choose lottery digits and purchase sets of lottery tickets before every participating draw. This site offers different kinds of syndicates, and you just need to select the syndicate you like and buy shares.

You do not have to bring together a team of players for your syndicate. Online lottery gets the players and sets it up for you. If your syndicate wins, you are informed about this and the messenger service makes sure that you obtain your prize. Every player possesses a share of the winnings, and this is determined by the amount of cash they put in the syndicate.