LotteryMaster Review – Playing the Lottery Online With LotteryMaster is an agent that buys lottery tickets on your behalf worldwide. It is a very straightforward site, and you can access information quickly.

You can register fast without any difficulties; you just need to submit your name, phone number, and email address. It also offers a ‘Terms and Conditions’ that indicates the legal responsibilities you as the user has, as well as the site.


How LotteryMaster Operates

Agents are available at throughout the world who purchase your lottery ticket on your behalf. You merely need to choose the game you wish to play and select your numbers. They then buy your ticket, scan it and send. If you become a winner, they pick your cash and keep it in your Lottery Master Account.

You obtain an email and SMS notification of your winnings. In case you win a big jackpot, they will make arrangements to present the winning ticket to you so that you can personally claim your first prize at your locality.

To get the game you intend to play at, press ‘Play’ above the screen. The window then opens up and provides a list of all the games available, the amount of jackpot to be won as well as a countdown clock for the following draw.

The games available are EuroMillions (Euro), SuperEnalotto (Italy), UK National Lottery (UK), New York Lottery, (US), Powerball (US), EuroJackpot (Euro), La Primitiva (Spain), El Gordo and Loteria Nacional (Spain).  They offer some seasonal draws also.

Getting your cash transfers your cash to your account. They take a commission of 10% on winnings of USD 1,000,000 and more.

Their Lottery Loyalty Club and Lottery bonus provide 33 VIP points for each USD1 played. They offer a special discount for the initial 100 tickets bought that day.

Playing Eligibility

LotteryMaster provides services to people who are more than 18 years old. People who reside in any jurisdiction that forbids utilization of online lottery gaming cannot use LotteryMaster services.

Unique Benefits/Features provided by Lottery Master

LotteryMaster offers endless rewards! They provide a lot of discounts, seasonal promotions and bonus features such as a ‘Tell a friend’ bonus and a ‘Welcome Bonus’ which give you rewards when you refer their services to friends. A multi-draw package is available also which enables you to play similar numbers in successive lottery draws.

Other extra features provided are the ‘Lotto-Matic’ and ‘Quick fill’ which make random selections of the lucky digits for you. A subscription and VIP club are present which gives you discounts for buying bulk lottery tickets. The higher the number of tickets you buy the more the discount. also gives you updates on the newest lottery news to ensure you never miss a rollover or big jackpot.

Becoming a winner at LotteryMaster

LotteryMaster makes it easy for you to win; they give their services to get the outcomes and if you win they transfer the case to your account. If there are significant wins, they make arrangements for you to obtain the ticket you bought initially so that you can claim your winnings in person. No charge for service fee is imposed by LotteryMaster and the money put in your account is taxed and is subject to levies and service fees also.

Customer Service is straightforward to use and refreshingly simple for any person to comprehend. They present it in four different languages; Russian, German, French, and English.

They have a large FAQ page also that provides a lotto dictionary that explains terms that are unfamiliar. They provide all the essential support with a LiveChat window, email address and their support centers contact numbers worldwide.

Ticket Costs

The site informs you that all service charges are already added to the ticket prices. An operator verifies this information through live chat. When you become a winner, the cash is credited to your account after costs are deducted. In Europe, South America and Australia the price is 2.50 US dollars, and in Africa, it is 50 dollars. Applicable charges for Europeans are minimal.

Benefits and advantages

A new player shall obtain a bonus which is equivalent to the first bet amount. You can use it to play more in any of the available lotteries. The bonus part called ‘free lottery promotions’ indicates that the initial 100 players shall get a special discount.

LotteryMaster Benefits

  • Members have a free welcome bonus.
  • There are big discounts and seasonal promotions.
  • Playing games is easy.
  • The feature for Quick Fill selects your lucky digits for you.
  • Lottery results are regularly updated.
  • This lottery service is experienced and has a big network of international agents.

LotteryMaster Offers simple access to Lottery.

With LotteryMaster, your preferred lottery is not restricted to the state where you live. LotteryMaster was launched in 2011 and it aimed to support and facilitate opportunities for clients all over the globe. LotteryMaster operates as a courier service. It works online and offers lottery enthusiasts the chance to take part in the lottery.

This service analyses the main official lotteries in the world and offers statistical data as well as winning odds and regular results. It promotes special offers also and gives real-time updates around the world.

Today, LotteryMaster provides lotteries in many countries. Every time a client buys a ticket by using their services, the ticket is purchased by the local office in the state of the lotto, scanned and uploaded to the customer’s LotteryMaster online account. Here, it is checked or printed.

Also, a confirmation email consisting of all purchase details together with order number will be sent automatically to the personal email address of the customer as registered. It will provide more confirmation of the purchase.


The objective of LotteryMaster is to ensure that clients will benefit from their opportunities and investments. They work jointly with a professional team of statisticians and mathematicians to increase each client’s winning chances.

The focus of LotteryMaster is on client needs, preferences and restrictions and assists a lottery fan or person to get high winning prospects. LotteryMaster enables you to take part in a lottery in a distant region in the world.