USA Powerball Results – Jackpot is Worth $229 Million Today!

$229 Million Jackpot Prize

The USA Powerball lotto game is now worth $229 million – what a jackpot!

The Powerball results from the previous draw on Dec 09 2017, Saturday were 25-36-37-55-60-6 and the jackpot was not won by any players, it has now rolled over to $229,000,000!

USA Powerball Lottery

The year is almost over and this year has brought a number of massive jackpots, especially from the USA Powerball lotto. Players from around the world envy the lotto winners and want to win hundreds of millions of dollars too, and this is why many have begun to play USA Powerball around the world instead of their local lotto game. You too can have a chance to win the massive upcoming $229 Million jackpot prize, the draw is tonight and there is still time to purchase Powerball tickets online.

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