SuperLotto Plus Tips

California SuperLottoPlus Tips

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Tips for Odd & Even Lotto Numbers

Make an effort to have a moderately equal blend of odd numbers and even numbers when choosing your SuperLotto numbers.

It is rare for all odd or even numbers to be drawn; this happens lower than 6% of the time.

The most ideal blend is 3/2 or 2/3; this signifies 3 odd, 2 even or 2 odd and 3 even.

One among these couple of patterns shall occur in 65% of the drawings.

Tips for High & Low Lotto Numbers

Normally, winning numbers are distributed throughout the whole number field. If a number field is divided into half, this presents the high half and low half.

In the California Super Lotto Plus game, which entails 47 numbers, 1-23 would be included in low half, while high half would consist of numbers 24-47.

All low or high numbers are seldom drawn; this happens just 5% of the time.

The most ideal blend to possess is 3/2 or 2/3; this signifies three high plus two low or two high plus three low.

Play a Game Which is Balanced

Following your selection of the five numbers you intend to play, sum them up and ensure that the total of these five numbers comes to around the range of 89-151.

Totals, which are below that range, are responsible for more than 70% lottery jackpot wins.

Think Positively

No individual should play the lottery due to desperate need of winnings.

People who are needy are more likely to lose the cash they use to gamble, which they have toiled to make.

Unfortunately, fear restricts one from winning.

When a goal is pursued with a strong passion that is packed with positive energy, this elicits a positive reaction, particularly when a lot of effort is made so as to realize that objective.