SuperLotto Plus Strategy

California SuperLottoPlus Strategy

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SuperLotto Plus lottery game is played in California and the draws are on each Wednesday and Saturday.

Players should select five numbers from a range of 47 and a single number from 27, which is the Mega number.

So as to ensure a complete jackpot win, the competitor of the game should match each of the six numbers appropriately, according to the draw.

Playing Super Lotto Plus

Locate a retailer for SuperLotto Plus, near your workplace, home, or favorite restaurant.

There are 20,000 and more retail locations for California Lottery.

Therefore, there is always a place nearby for playing.

Select five lucky numbers from a 1-47 range as well as a single MEGA number ranging from 1-27 on a playslip for SuperLotto Plus.

Alternatively, you can play numbers that are randomly produced using Quick Pick.

A single play slip can sustain even five plays by utilizing your lucky numbers.

You may also play the number of play slips you want.

To play similar numbers for continuous draws, simply mark Advance Play.

For fast play, make use of Quick Pick.

Choose Quick Pick for the initial five numbers, a single MEGA number or each of the six numbers.

The computer will randomly produce these.

You can even buy as many as ten plays using one playslip, with Quick Pick.

With Advance Play, you can play numerous draws using a single purchase.

When you mark the box for Advance Play, you are able to play 2-8, 16 or 20 continuous draws using a single playslip.

Ensure you use black or blue ink to mark your numbers. In case you make an error, avoid erasing.

Simply place a mark on VOID box.

Purchasing Tickets for Super Lotto Plus in a Store

Give the store retailer your playslip together with $ for every play to obtain a ticket for SuperLotto Plus ticket; this represents your receipt.

For every play, your numbers are shown on your ticket, as well as date of the draw and the dollar amount submitted.

At all times, check your numbers’ accuracy and put your signature at the backside of the ticket.