SuperLotto Plus Saturday Draw

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The California SuperLotto plus is the key California Lottery draw, which is played on Saturday evening each week.

The results for California lottery are drawn using similar matrix as Mega Millions Lottery. Five winning balls are selected between 1-47 as well as a Mega Number which is drawn from a different set, numbering 1-27.

Even though California does not represent a Powerball State, alterations made at the start of 2010 enables players to engage in playing Powerball draw from other States already taking part in Mega Millions. To obtain winning numbers for California lottery and win the jackpot for SuperLotto Plus, you need to match each of the five main balls as well as the Mega ball.

Purchasing Tickets for California Super Lotto Online

It is possible to buy tickets for all state lotteries through one of the numerous lottery retail shops in the United States. Also, you can buy tickets for California SuperLotto Plus online, from a trustworthy lottery website such as Lottosend or Lotto Agent.

It is extremely convenient to purchase these USA lottery tickets online, since you do not need to leave the house to buy them. Just register with any of the above-mentioned sites, make a subscription for a specific number of games, choose your lotto tickets numbers and use your credit card to pay.

The lotto game outcomes are revised on these sites immediately following the draw. The syndicate will notify you directly in the event of a win. Purchasing via the Internet presents a better option since it is possible to make a purchase any time. This can be done easily from your home weeks in advance or simply prior to the closing time.

Other advantages of purchasing USA lottery tickets online is that you are able to purchase more than one lottery ticket for the state, without going to varied stores, which raises your prospects of winning.

Chances to Win The SuperLotto-Plus California Lottery

  • Division1) Match 5 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 41,416,353
  • Division2) Match 5 Regular – Winning Odds 1 in 1,592,937
  • Division3) Match 4 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 197,221
  • Division4) Match 4 Regular – Winning Odds 1 in 7,585
  • Division5) Match 3 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 4,810
  • Division6) Match 3 Regular – Winning Odds 1 in 185
  • Division7) Match 2 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 361
  • Division8) Match 1 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 74
  • Division9) Match 0 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 49

Minimum Jackpot: $7,000,000 | Record Jackpot: $193,000,000

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