SuperLotto Plus Odds

In California, SuperLotto Plus is a famous lottery game with jackpots worth multi-million dollars. This game offers better winning odds compared to Mega Millions or Powerball. The cost of one ticket is $1 for one play and drawings take place each Wednesday and Saturday.

It is possible for you to play SuperLotto Plus even if you are not a resident of California; however, you need to purchase your tickets and claim for your prizes in the state – or buy them online from an online lottery concierge service.

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Odds of Winning California SuperLotto Plus

The odds of you hitting the jackpot for California Super Lotto are nearly 5 times better compared to being a jackpot winner of Powerball Lottery and 4 times better compared to Mega Millions.

As a result, lottery prizes are normally smaller.

In view of this, when the jackpot rolls over, raising every draw in case a top prize winner is not available, these jackpots can develop to become extremely huge.

For instance, currently the record jackpot is $193 million, which is a massive amount of cash!

For instance, the odds you have of winning the SuperLotto Plus are around 1 in 23 and the odds of you have of hitting the huge jackpot are around 1 in 42 million.

Winning the Jackpot There are a huge number of prospective ticket buyers and normally the jackpot sum goes beyond $10 million.

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There is a roll over of the amount if there is no jackpot winner in a drawing.

All US residents should submit payment for federal income taxes, in regard to lottery winnings; however, California inhabitants do not make payment for state income on winnings for lottery.

Playing You choose five different numbers in SuperLotto Plus (between 1-47) and a single mega number ranging between 1-27.

The mega number might be equivalent to one of the lucky numbers you have.

You become a SuperLotto Plus winner of the jackpot in case each of the six numbers featured on your lottery ticket match the SuperLotto Plus drawings six numbers.

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