Lottery Psychology – Is There a Psychology Behind Winning?

You can make your subconscious mind do whatever you desire it to after you comprehend how it truly functions. The subconscious mind presents the real power in your life. It works 24 hours each day, all the days of the week.

Affirmations, positive thinking, law of attraction and others each have similar purpose. This is to change your subconscious mind beliefs.

What we obtain from life is really dictated by our subconscious mind. If you have a belief that you are poor and being poor is what you deserve, you shall remain poor despite the amount of physical effort you put in, unless you alter your belief system.

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Using Your Belief System to Winning the Lottery

A good illustration is the lottery winner who wins $100 million dollars but becomes broke just a few years after this or sinks deeper in debt. This is because deep down, they were told by their belief system that they were poor and this is what they deserved.

Even though they were in possession of $100 million dollars, as their belief system informed them that they were poor, despite being surrounded by riches, their mind-set endeavored to get rid of the cash immediately, because this is what they believed.

If you do not change your subconscious mind, you will repeat your previous failures again and again, despite how much effort you put in. But, it is possible for you to reprogram your subconscious mind so as to alter your life however you wish.

If you desire to create health, wealth or attract the most ideal soul mate, you can set your subconscious mind with other beliefs. Your subconscious mind is then going to operate to make this happen.

Strategy for Success

You should first decide the things you desire to change then write this down in precise detail. Be extremely specific. For instance, if you desire to win jackpot of $100 million, write this down! It is better if you give your subconscious mind a lot of details.

Fix a time each day when you can be alone and think, then focus totally on that goal. Imagine that this goal has already been realized. Do this every day and this will draw you closer to this goal!

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