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In the modern world, you have modern ways to make money. It might have been a funny thought in the past to work from home and make money, but it is a reality today. In fact, you can be a trader, an investor right from the comfort of your home. You have to thank the online brokers that provide you with their services and trading platforms to make online trading convenient for you. In addition to helping you trade online, some brokers go the extra mile to do something special for their traders. That’s what Global CTB is doing too. Let’s take a look at what Global CTB is and how it shows its care for its customers.

Global CTB – A Company Overview

Global CTB is an online broker, an online platform that allows you to be a trader from the comfort of your home. It is a reliable company that operates within the industry compliant standards to help traders trade cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, stocks, forex etc. At its core, it is a platform that helps you trader CFDs i.e. contracts for difference. That’s why you are able to trade in so many different financial markets using a variety of financial instruments from one platform.

The company provides ample education on trading CFDs so the newcomers can be confident when starting their journey. As of the moment, Global CTB has more than 45,000 active traders using its platform from more than 75 countries in the world. Global CTB is unique in that it allows you to trade on desktop, web-based, and mobile platforms.

The Bitcoin Raffle Promotion from Global CTB

While there are several other things that the broker does to make trading a pleasant experience for its traders, one of the best ones is the Bitcoin raffle promotion. The company has recently launched this promotion and there could not have been anything more rewarding than this. The traders don’t even have to do anything. They just use Global CTB platform for trading and that enters them into a raffle. Once every month, the company selects the name of one of its active traders randomly. The name that comes up wins one Bitcoin. So, the promotion is as simple as that.

But what does that mean for a trader? Is one bitcoin really that big of a deal? In simple words, yes it is. Let’s take a look at why one Bitcoin is a huge thing.

The Current Value

As small as one Bitcoin might seem, as of writing this, it is trading at more than 9,100 USD. That’s a lot of money without doing any efforts. All you have to do is to trade actively using Global CTB and you are automatically entered into the raffle. With that amount of money in your account, and the huge leverage available from Global CTB, you can control some big trades. If you are able to speculate properly and use your understanding of the market to your advantage, you could convert the $6,500 into as much money as you want. It is not too bad as a starting point to be a professional trader.

The Investment Perspective

People are storing every single digital coin in their crypto-wallets and keeping it safe for the right time. You have to understand that cryptocurrencies are still in their initial stage. They are only growing better and stronger with time. The more the world accepts cryptocurrencies as modern ways for trading and conducting financial transactions, the more the value of digital coins will increase. Not to mention, your one Bitcoin allows you to trade it with many other cryptocurrencies as well. Winning the Global CTB Bitcoin raffle could be the perfect way for you to start as a crypto-investor.

The Understanding of Cryptocurrencies

Many people who are interested in cryptocurrencies know only as much as is available on the internet. They don’t own cryptocurrencies and that’s why a lot of the information remains a mystery for them. How are cryptocurrencies trades? How are cryptocurrencies stored? How to exchange one crypto-coin for another? All these questions are always in their minds without clear answers. By winning one Bitcoin, these traders can start learning what it means to own a digital coin, how to store it and exchange it for other fiat currencies or digital coins.

Global CTB Cares for Its Traders

You can see that Global CTB cares for its traders because the broker is willing to do something special for them. There are many other online brokers that have other ways of attracting traders to use their platforms. However, none of those promotions are as rewarding as the Global CTB Bitcoin raffle promotion. One must understand that winning a Bitcoin is not as much in the favor of Global CTB as it is in the favor of the trader. Most other promotions such as cashbacks, sign up bonuses, etc. are designed to benefit the brokers at their cores.

However, the raffle promotion from Global CTB is a way to help traders experience a completely new dimension of the financial markets. You might not even be trading cryptocurrencies today. Perhaps, you are a trader who comes to Global CTB to trade gold and silver CFDs. Maybe, it never crossed your mind to wrap your head around cryptocurrencies and see what kind of trading instruments they are. However, as a trader using the Global CTB platform, you now have the opportunity to own the best and the most highly valued cryptocurrency of the world i.e. Bitcoin.

Bottom Line

If you have been browsing and researching brokers for a long time, you must realize how all of them have their ways of attracting you to use their platforms. After a little research, you can start noticing a trend in their offers, bonuses and promotions. However, Global CTB Bitcoin raffle promotion is something completely unique and well-thought-out. It is a reward the suits the trader and the industry he/she is a part of. It opens up new investment and trading opportunities for the traders. Last but not least, it lets traders get their hands on the cryptocurrency that millions of people around the world only wish they had too. Should it mean something big to you as a trader? Of course, it should.

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