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Are you tired of wasting your money week after week playing the lotto, but never taking home a prize? Are you tired of standing in long lines to buy your ticket? If that’s the case, there is something exciting you can explore in the form of FreeLottoFest. This is an exciting and fun lotto-style game and South Africans can take part in it for free and still get a chance to win some incredible cash prizes on a daily basis, which include a jackpot of abou R12 million. FreeLottoFest is often referred to as the Harry Dazzle Lottery and it offers seven free lottery games to players on alternative days.

Six numbers have to be chosen by players between 1 and 40 and up to 1 and 90 for all the lotteries. The draw is held at 7:00 pm CET every second day. If you decide to play for free, you have to go in each day and manually pick the numbers and also check the results. Surveys and advertisements are the primary way FreeLottoFest is able to fund the lottery games it offers on its website. This is why the website wants you to go and look at each draw on a daily basis. However, if you want to bypass the advertisements, you do have the option of paying for it.

There is an ‘Optional Added Benefit Service’ available at a cost of 2 Rand every day. What does this do? With this service, you can rest assured that you will get your tickets every day automatically and you will also get a notification in case of winning. This also includes a phone call if you manage to win over a particular amount. Furthermore, this service also provides you access to the Lucky Horoscopes page. But, you should remember that the charge is for every day, which means it will cost you 60 Rand a month. According to FreeLottoFest, you can choose to opt out of this service whenever you want.

The telephone notifications will be made if a player wins for than GBP 200. The winnings of the games are mostly listed in USD and the bank charges are approximately $30. As far as winnings are concerned, they are listed for every game separately:

  • In Game 1, players can win $1,000/$100
  • In Game 2, players can win $2,000/$100
  • In Game 3, players can win $4,000/$100
  • In Game 4, players can win $6,000/$100
  • In Game 5, players can win $8,000/$200
  • In Game 6, players can win $10,000/$400
  • (*) In Game 7, players can take home USD $5,000,000

(*) if they succeed in matching all six numbers whereas matching five numbers gives them a prize of $1,200

The payment of the Grand Prize is made in 25 payments spread out over 25 years. As far as other cash prizes are concerned, their payments are made in within 30 days or within 48 hours after verification is complete. The eligibility criteria for playing at FreeLottoFest is for players to be at least 18 years or older and it is not just restricted to people in South Africa. Players from all over the world including residents of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Namibia, Ireland, the United States and the United Kingdom. FreeLottoFest was actually launched in December 2017 in South Africa due to which the optional benefits are charged in local currency i.e. Rand.

If you want to know about the customer service you can find a FreeLottoFest, there are two options at your disposal for getting in touch; you can use snail mail or the email address provided. According to their information, a response is given within 48 hours. A telephone number in the UK is also provided. There are three simple steps that you need to follow when you want to play at FreeLottoFest. These steps are outlined below:

Step 1: Register yourself

You can register yourself on FreeLottoFest as a free lotto competition player by providing them your name, postal address, a contact number and also a valid email address. Before submitting the information, it is recommended that you go over it several times to ensure there is not a mistake or else you will face problems when you try to claim your prize.

Step 2: Select your numbers

Every line that you choose to play at FreeLottoFest requires you to select a certain amount of numbers within the range provided. You can go with your favorite number combination for each of the seven games on the website, submit your entries and then wait for your winnings to come in.

Step 3: Check the results and verify your win

Once you have selected your lucky numbers and entered the competition, you need to wait for the draws. When the draws are done, you need to check if your numbers have won. If you have chosen to subscribe to WinFest, FreeLottoFest will automatically check the draws for you and send you a notification if you have won anything. If you want to check on your own, you can simply visit the My Entries page and have a look. In case you have indeed won, you just need to send an email to the website for claiming your prize.

As far as security is concerned, FreeLottoFest is based in Cyprus and has some satellite offices all over the globe. Some of the largest gaming companies are located in Cyprus, which means that FreeLottoFest follows all European standards of transparent and robust legislation and infrastructure relating to operators of competition-based games.

One fun element that you come across a FreeLottoFest is the mention of Harry Dazzle, who is represented as the website’s owner. There is a full page describing him, his spectacular lottery wins, how he spent them and why he came up with the concept of free lottery games. However, at the bottom of the page, you will discover that Harry Dazzle is just a fictional character and not a real person. The bottom line is that FreeLottoFest has free lottery games to offer and the prizes are funded through surveys and advertisements.

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