Claiming Winnings

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The technique of claiming prizes for the CA Lottery is determined by the method you used to buy your ticket; whether online or at a retailer.

The prize value also determines the way you can obtain your winnings. Below are steps you can utilize to claim prizes.

Tickets Bought Online

For a win of $500 and more, this is paid straight to your California Lottery account immediately following the draw. After this, players have the option of moving money into their bank account or utilize them to cater for future ticket purchases.

If your winnings are between $501 and $30,000 you shall require verifying that the prize needs to be moved to your bank account through the debit card connected to your online account.

You need to do this within the claim period of 180 days.

For winnings above $30,001 – $50,000, claims should be made by getting in touch with the Customer Care Team.

You should have the number of your ticket or play as well as account details.

In case you purchase lottery tickets online via Direct debit and you win a prize which is more than $50,000, the money of the prize shall be moved straight to your bank account.

If more suitable, a check shall be provided.

Rules for Claiming Winnings

In order for you to claim a lottery prize, you need to be 18 years of age and you require presenting a picture ID.

There exists a specific time limit for claiming a prize and this time span changes from one game to another.

Therefore, at all times, you need to find out about your particular game so as to know the deadline set for claiming your prize.

Any prizes that are not claimed within the valid claim period shall be forfeited.

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