SuperLotto Plus Wednesday Draw

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The lottery draws for SuperLotto Plus occur each Wednesday at 7:45pm. Choose 5 numbers beginning from 1-47 and a single MEGA number ranging between 1 and 27 for every play or press the button for Quick Pick and randomly choose the MEGA number and 5 numbers.

It is possible for you to play similar SuperLotto plus numbers for 16 or 20 continuous draws or 2-8 by marking Advance Play.

In case you make an error, press the Discard button. Submit $1 for each play per draw. Tickets for SuperLotto Plus will indicate the chosen numbers and draw(s). Jackpot prizes are paid in 26 yearly payments. But, in case you become a winner of the jackpot, 60 days will be available to you, from the payment approval date of the lottery, to select the prize’s cash value, rather than 26 yearly payments.

Cash value represents one payment, approximated to be between percentages of 50 to 60 of the approximated lottery jackpot. When you play Super Lotto online, this offers you access to the huge cash pool for California lottery.

Purchasing California SuperLotto Plus Tickets Online

Today you can purchase California lottery tickets online following the change towards end of 2011, which legalized intrastate lottery betting in the US. This signifies that it is possible for you to play California Super Lotto Plus without the need to go to a structured lottery outlet. It is also possible to take part in this lottery without residing in California State or traveling there.

The latest legislation means you are able to select CA lotto numbers comfortably from your home in private using your smartphone or PC. Since drawings are conveniently made each Wednesday you have a chance of winning. Buying California lottery tickets online enables you to have access to the hugest state lottery in the US, offering you an opportunity to experience a really massive payday.

Chances to Win The SuperLotto-Plus California Lottery

  • Division1) Match 5 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 41,416,353
  • Division2) Match 5 Regular – Winning Odds 1 in 1,592,937
  • Division3) Match 4 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 197,221
  • Division4) Match 4 Regular – Winning Odds 1 in 7,585
  • Division5) Match 3 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 4,810
  • Division6) Match 3 Regular – Winning Odds 1 in 185
  • Division7) Match 2 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 361
  • Division8) Match 1 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 74
  • Division9) Match 0 Regular + Megaball – Winning Odds 1 in 49

Minimum Jackpot: $7,000,000 | Record Jackpot: $193,000,000

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