California SuperLottoPlus Jackpot

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Background of SuperLottoPlus Jackpot

The formation of California state lottery occurred in November 1984. Its objective was to create more money for the education fund of the state. The initial draw took place in 1986 and its first name was California SuperLotto, where a matrix was utilized, ranging from 6-49. The matrix was altered in 1990 and for players to win the jackpot, they were required to match six figures from a pool consisting of 53.

At this same period, a Bonus Ball was presented. It was drawn from similar ball pool. The layout altered from one drum to its present layout of two-drum. This expanded the odds against the top prize being won; however, it signified that huger jackpots would be generated by rollovers. The hugest jackpot to be won on California SuperLotto Plus had a value of $193.This winning took place in February 2002 and was divided among three people who had tickets. According to the law in California, each of the lottery prizes should be pari-mutual.

This signifies that the worth of prizes is summed up depending on the ticket sales’ percentage and how many winners are present. This law is applicable to each of the lotteries played in this state, such as Mega Millions and Powerball.

Playing California SuperLotto Plus

In California, the key state lottery played here is California SuperLotto Plus. It is drawn each Saturday and Wednesday. California SuperLotto Plus presents a game of two-drum where players should match five figures from a pool consisting of 47 figures, followed by one Mega figure from another pool of 27, so as to win this jackpot.

Eight extra prize tiers are available, presenting players with secondary prizes. These are players who match less numbers. $7 million is the starting point of the jackpot. However, it often rolls over, producing amounts that can go up to millions of dollars.